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Keep in mind that the delivery time of this product takes up to 5 working days.The Bednest is equipped with a good mattress, transparent and air-permeable sides, safety straps and 4 side panel locks that provide extra security.The standard mattress has a filling of cold foam and a removable cover. The dimensions of the mattress are: length 82 cm, width 37 cm and thickness 4 cm. The Bednest is a collapsible bassinet and has a collapsible base. It will be shipped in a sturdy transport box. To make your crib complete, you can opt for the extra accessories such as the organic mattress, the travel bag and various sheets.The Bednest is made of high-quality beech wood. Special about the design are the curved wooden parts that give the Bednest a unique look. The wood is FSC certified and has a water-based lacquer. The Bednest is manufactured in Europe. The breathable sides are washable and can be folded down on both sides. The base is height-adjustable in more than 70 possible positions and it can also be tilted. Ideal if your child has reflux or has a cold! The crib can be used with all beds, both with a box spring and beds with a slatted base, where the height between the top of the mattress of the parent bed and the floor must be 42 cm – 78 cm. With the safety straps you can securely attach the Bednest to any parent bed, but the straps are also easy to disconnect.If you want to easily take the crib with you for a few days away, for example, add the travel bag to your order.

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